5 Common Web hosting Problems and how to avoid them

Today, there are a lot of web hosting companies in the market which offer seemingly great web hosting plans with over 99 percent uptime and a number of additional facilities.

But it difficult to decide the best hosting facility for you.

Some of the most common web hosting problems are listed below.

Slow Website Loading and Navigation Speed:

For a website to get more traffic, it is necessary that it is has fast navigation within the site.

The web hosting service plays a big part with regard to the navigation speed of the website.

If a site takes long time to load and too much time in internal navigation, it is bound to get less users.  

Excessive Cost of a Web Hosting Plan:

You may find it surprising that some companies can offer free hosting services while there are others who charge enormously for it.

You need to consider the following points before you get caught in such an in-genuine offer. 

The truth is, companies offer services based on how much you pay. When they offer free hosting, you need to know what companies are gaining in return from you 

Taking too long to resolve client problems:

You need to be sure of how much support the web hosting company provided.

There are some companies which provide all-round online support to resolve any of your problems. 

Some provide a contact form to receive your complains and get it resolved. Other companies just help you with their FAQ’s and forums to resolve your issue.

They aren’t quick enough to support you when you are waiting for a solution. 

Not revealing Limitations of a Web Hosting Plan:

Many web hosting companies do not disclose the weaknesses of their services in advance. And so, customers fails to understand the scope of service offered to them. 

After hosting your site, it is necessary that it does not face a regular downtime on the Internet.

You need to have a 99% uptime rate for your website. But many companies do not reveal this information. 

Low Level of Security:

Some web hosting companies cannot protect your data from getting hacked or identify theft possibilities.

Some even give a false sense of security to clients in order to attract patronage. 


Always conduct a research to find out about the viability of a hosting company. In so doing, you will avoid a lot of performance and cost challenges in the future.