6 Steps to Finding Software that Suits Your Business

To make the process of finding a suitable software easier, I’ve outlined 7 steps to guide you in finding software that suits your work and business needs.

Take time to go through all of these aspects – the right software solution will have a long-term benefit and accelerate your company’s growth. 

Define the problem

You’re not looking for new software just because it might be necessary.

There must be an issue you’re looking to solve, information you need to manage, or a process you’d like to automate. 

Map your current workflow

Every software search process starts with a complete understanding of what tools and features you need in the first place.  

To avoid any negative consequences, think about your daily workflow and make a list of all of the activities and information you have. 

  • What kind of information do you collect and store? 
  • Who has access to this information? 
  • What are your daily activities, and how do you track them? 

Find the source of and solution to your problems

Work and business software providers usually design their products around a business process or a problem.

Do you actually need new software?

A growing business is likely to use software for: 

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Billing and expenses
  • Marketing & email automation

Do you have any further requirements?

It’s crucial to cover every detail before buying software. Create a list of additional prerequisites, including design, user experience, integrations with other software, collaboration options, price, etc.

How much are you willing to spend?

Just like there are no free lunches, no quality software solution is offered for a marginal fee. Before looking for new software, establish a clear budget.

Think about the problems it will solve – how much is this benefit worth to your company?