PWA best practices: tips for designing great Progressive Web Apps


Before launching a Progressive Web App (PWA), take a look at these great tips from renowned UX experts to make sure you follow the best practices.

Don’t overcomplicate things

PWA features should buttress the the user’s experience, not distract from it.​ Some advanced features in apps can throw would be users off balance.

It is important to tailor PWAs to make users flow well with your solutions.

When less is more — prioritize content

PWAs are made to help users to perform actions as fast and as seamlessly as possible.  

Avoid distracting elements like blinking banners and sliders on every high priority pages. Avoid information that is not related to the main call-to-action. 

Reduce friction

Actions, like filling out forms and completing checkout processes should be made as simple as possible to avoid drop off by potential customers.

Use simple fonts

Avoid fancy fonts and use device default fonts whenever possible. Custom fonts increase the download size of your first page, and also can slow down the performance of your app.

Think offline

Make sure you are making the most out of the PWA by providing all your key features in the offline mode and implementing the caching option.​​ 

Don’t forget about SEO

Progressive Web Apps have URLs and can be crawled and indexed by the search engines. So, SEO optimization should not be left out of the question.