Choosing A Web Host

How do you decide the best hosting service to purchase? What features should you look out for? Here is a walk-through to educate you on how to choose the perfect host for web application.

There are a lot of factors involved in a web host. Here are the points you need to know before you pick up your new web host.

Your Hosting Needs

The most important step is knowing what you need. This includes the type of website, language on the back end (e.g., PHP), how big the website is, and the traffic you are expecting.

Answering the above questions are essential to choosing your web host. A personal blog for example may not need all the features of a VPS host. But a large enterprise website will require a VPS host and a dedicated server.

Server Reliability and Uptime

The uptime is the amount of time the host server is live. Obviously, it will be great to have a 100% uptime. But 99.5% is a very nice score. Large firms go for 99.9% uptime and anything below 95% is generally unacceptable.

Expected Traffic

The number of visitors accessing your site daily will be handled by the sever and so a critical look must be taken. A traffic of less than 5000 visits a day can be handled by a shared host. Anything above that will require a dedicated host server to run optimally.

Multiple Add-on Domains

Domains are relatively cheap and so users are likely to create more than one domain. To handle this effectively, it is advisable to use hosting services that grants up to 50 add-on domains

Signup vs Renewal Price

Do not be carried away by huge discounts on your first payment. Take a good look at the cost of renewal. A host that charges 10cents on signup, may charge 100Dollars for renewal. So, compare the initial hosting cost with the renewal cost.