Conformance for Frameworks

conformance for frameworks

What is Conformance?

Conformance is a system that keeps developers on the right path. it is a way of ensuring that outcomes are predictable. It makes teams productive and code scalable.

Conformance is broken down into the following 3 principles. 

  • Strong defaults

One aspect of conformance is ensuring the developers’ tools have strong defaults. This ensures that framework design patterns make it difficult to do the wrong thing.  

Every resource, including fonts, CSS, JavaScript, and images should be optimized.

  • Actionable rules

Optimizations that depend on developers’ decision pose a risk to the application’s performance. As app features and developer teams grow bigger, even the most experienced developers cannot keep up with the fast-changing best practices.

Actionable rules are as important as strong defaults to ensure that the application meets a certain standard no matter what changes are made. 

  • Authoring time

It’s important to detect performance issues early in the development lifecycle. Authoring time, before code is committed, is great for detecting and solving problems.

The later a problem is detected, the more difficult and more expensive it is to solve 

Conformance in Frameworks

To maintain a high bar of user experience for loading performance, the following questions need to be answered: 

  1. What is optimal loading, and what are the issues that can adversely affect it?
  2. Which solutions can be included in that do not need any developer input?
  3. How can we ensure that the developers take advantage of these solutions? 


Conformance codifies best practices into rulesets that are actionable for developers as simple code patterns.

The Aurora team has focused on loading performance, but other best practices, such as accessibility and security, are just as applicable. 

Following Conformance rules should result in predictable outcomes, and achieving a high bar for user experience can become a side-effect of building on your tech stack.

Conformance makes teams productive, and ensures a high-quality bar for the application, even as teams and codebases grow over time.