Custom-Built Apps Vs Ready-Made Apps


here are ready-made apps for almost anything these days; even for building apps. There are several solutions that help businesses create their own apps quickly and easily.

This clever by itself, however, they don’t always work well for all kinds of businesses, especially for those that require the app to be tailored around their brand. 
If you need an app for your business, in general, it is better to go for a custom-built app for better long-term results. Below are some reasons:

Custom built apps are customized for your business

Free or low-cost app builders limit your choice of colors, styles and graphics which are vital to the design. This will make it hard to differentiate your brand from other businesses that use the same platforms.

Custom-built apps give you total control over the design and user experience which will help you to stand out. 

No ongoing costs

A custom built app comes with a one-off cost for the design and creation of your app. No subscription fees and unwanted updates, unlike ready-made apps.

Better promotion opportunities

You have the right and freedom freedom to promote your custom app in any app store or social media platform of your choice. You can use all kinds of promotion tools to boost your visibility through the app.  
Using a free or low-cost app building platform may not afford you your own personal app link and direct promotions.