Cybersecurity In The Era of Artificial Intelligence

Computers in recent times have become so smart that machines are able to operate themselves in a way that we never imagined.

With the aid of artificial intelligence, things have gone even further. Computers are able to make intelligent decisions based on previous observations. Computers can recognize and translate languages, match finger prints and even genetic codes.

The tremendous ability of computers to recognize us very accurately should be a source of concern. This is because if employed by the wrong people, computers can be used to cause destruction in an unimaginable scale.

Cyber security experts have pointed out the fact that computers can remotely access the webcam of a certain user even without any permissions granted.

Cyber attacks are on the increase and governments have invested huge amounts of funds in cyber security in a bid to keep sensitive data away form cyber predators. Average citizens and small firms on the other hands may not be able to acquire the necessary hardware and so are left unprotected.

There are rumors in China that government employs such technologies to track and capture threats to the society. This shows the amount of power AI has given to computers and the need to make cybersecurity a priority.

The advancement in AI has make the cyberspace a dangerous one. Users will have to take personal measures to ensure their data remains safe.

These will include not click on unknown links, keeping the webcam closed when not in use and setting up very secure passwords when the need arises