Dispelling SEO Lies

SEO can be good when it is done right and with good intentions. 

It can be a huge benefit to a business. The problem is there is no regulating body and so anybody can call himself an SEO expert. But Be Warned: Bad SEO Can Hurt You 

Bad SEO practice can work against you. So be sure you know what you are doing or hire someone that does. 

SEO Isn’t just a Plugin

SEO plugins are only a small part of the SEO process.

Real SEO is research, keyword mapping, site mapping, content generation, on-page optimization, and off-page optimization. It takes months of research, planning, and execution. 

  • Nobody can guarantee position one on Google. This is because only part of SEO is controlled by the SEO consultant. You can work hard to get to page one and rank at the top, but no one can say they can get you there. 
  • Nobody knows the algorithms As an SEO consultant we can only make assumptions and informed guesses based on gathered information, intuition, and of course, trial and error. 
  • Link building is all you need. Wrong again. SEO only works when it is a holistic blend of many tasks. Link building is only a portion of the overall deliverable list. 
  • You have to write good content. SEO demands high quality content, based on specific topics, and optimized for SEO best practices. Without good content, there is nothing to rank in search. 


SEO is a very serious and deliberate process. Leaving it in the hands of professionals who know what they are doing is the best option you have. This will boost your page ranking and lead to improved sales.