Flaws In Today’s Operating Systems


It’s no secret that every operating system has its own peculiar problems. These problems or limitations are some of the factors that determine what an Operating System is ideal or not ideal for.

Considering these flaws before choosing an operating system, in most cases, crucial.

Windows and its obfuscation

One of the problems of windows is that it hides everything.

Windows does not offer standard text-based log files that a user can read with a text reader and scroll through everything that has happened.

It is will be easier to solve if users know what has happened, and why something isn’t working. 

OS X and its lack of flexibility

Nothing equates to the inflexibility of OS X. This was designed to make the system difficult to break.

But an Operating system should do what the user wants and not the other way round. 

Linux and its lack of standards

The failure to reach a collective conclusion on standards is hurting the Linux operating system.

Every operating system needs standards so that software developers can easily create software that will work regardless of distribution