Google’s New Operating System – Fuchsia OS

Google has been working on a new Operating System called Fuchsia since 2016, but it was kept away from the news for a long time. But suddenly, it was deployed on their first-generation Nest Hub, which is also known as Google Home Hub. 

In case you have never heard OF Fuchsia, here is a glimpse of it. 


Fuchsia OS was developed to support smart devices such as smartphones, smart-watches, and others as well so it can create an ecosystem between other devices. 

According to Google, Fuchsia is secure, updatable, inclusive, pragmatic. And fuchsia is not a replacement for android but a new operating system that has a different concept. 

Android and Fuchsia are both Open-Source Operating Systems. Which means there will be no restrictions just like Android. Fuchsia will also be able to run android applications. 

But as we have seen with Android, and its evolution with time, Fuchsia also has a bright future. 

Google also claims that fuchsia is secure and will be angle to complete better tasks than Apple OS in the near future.