Guarding Against Spyware


The best way to control spyware is by preventing it from getting on your computer in the first place.

However, avoiding program downloads and email attachments isn’t always an option. Sometimes, even a trusted website can become compromised and infect your computer. 

Your first line of action is to seek out cyber security solutions with reliable antivirus and antimalware detection capabilities.

If your computer is already infected, many security providers offer spyware removal applications to assist in identifying and removing spyware. 

Further Steps to Be Taken

  • Be careful about allowing cookies. Nearly every website asks for your permission to create cookies. Do not accept cookies from untrusted site. 
  • Install an anti-tracking browser extension. Such tools keep your data private across the web. 
  • Update all software with the latest security. Malware can get installed onto your system through vulnerabilities in old operating systems and applications. 

Protecting Your Phone From Spyware

  1. Avoid unofficial app stores. They are vulnerable to many malicious spyware apps.  
  2. Only download apps from the official publishers. Always read the publisher’s name and verify that they are the official makers of the application. 
  3. Be wary of giving permissions to apps. Some apps have no need for camera and microphone access, or your location data. 
  4. Do not click links in text messages. A common trap of mobile attackers is to include links in texts to their targets. You’ll be safer if you manually enter URLs you’re your browser. 

Protecting Your Computer From Spyware

  1. Enable a pop-up blocker. Many browsers offer built-in blockers now. 
  2. Limit app permissions. You can control which applications run and what permissions they have. 
  3. Avoid email links. Links and attachments can carry all kinds of malicious programs. Even files from trusted senders can be malicious if their accounts have been hacked. 

Spyware will always be a danger as long as you use the internet.

It is best to get yourself a security expert to help you protect your devices from potential spyware attacks.