Here’s Why You Need VPS Hosting


Even if you are still sharing the physical server with other users, VPS hosting will simulate a dedicated hosting environment. 

This type of hosting can be compared to owning an apartment within a building.

Every person gets a fraction of the building to himself, but only you get full access to your apartment (full root access to your VPS). So, what is in your VPS environment is meant for you alone.

Why Use it?

VPS hosting provides advantages that combine features of shared and dedicated hosting.

  • Performance

More resources are dedicated to your website. Dedicated RAM and bandwidth which means faster loading time of your website and better user experience.

  • Reliability

VPS hosting makes it far more reliable than shared hosting because resources are specifically allocated to your website.

  • Value for Money

It is much more affordable than dedicated hosting, and more powerful than shared hosting. 

  • Optimum Security 

Your VPS is isolated from other VPS users and so no one else can access the resources dedicated to you. 
Your server is protected from processes that may crash a neighbouring VPS user and you can enable.

  • Scalability 

VPS hosting can easily scale up or down, depending on your needs. You can start with limited hosting resources and gradually scale up as you grow.

Any Downsides?

One downside is that VPS hosting in that it is more expensive than shared hosting, and not as powerful as dedicated  dedicated hosting.

Additionally, it may be difficult to handle if you are not a professional. So, there will be an extra cost of hiring a professional. 

Final Takeaways

VPS hosting is a good choice when looking to host a new website. 
You will be able to handle peak traffic and have more control over your server at an affordable price.