How To Avoid Getting A Virus On Your Device

From viruses to malware, From ransomware to adware. One thing remains clear; you cannot afford to have them on your computer. They can damage your computer, steal your personal information, and slow your computer. 

The following are some tips to help you avoid these problems.

Install Antiviruses

If you must avoid viruses from the internet, then you must install an antivirus. Cyber-crimes are on the rise. And with the advent of internet banking and purchases, users have more to protect. One easy way of protecting information is to install a reliable anti-virus.

Be careful with e-mail attachments

Email services like google usually ask for permission before downloading a attachment. This is because there is a potential threat of downloading a virus any time an email attachment is opened. 

The virus attached to the easy will then be downloaded with the attachment, install itself in the background and begin the work it was created for. So, one should verify the source of an email even before reading it. It is also advisable to disable previews as you run a risk of download a virus if it is attached to the previewed email.

Update your operating system and applications

The tech world is always evolving and threats are growing on daily basis. Tech companies often update and upgrade their applications and operating systems to cope  with this evolution.

It is a good practice to always update your operating system and applications. This will protect your device against newer threats on the internet. 

Avoid suspicious websites

There are over 1.6Billion websites on the internet. A lot of them are unsafe for your device. Newer browsers regularly warn is of these sites when we try to access them. It will be dangerous to avoid these warnings.  

Avoid websites that have symbols and numbers in their names and be wary of websites that share names of bigger and trusted brands.

Avoid pirated softwares

Avoid pirated, cracked or moded software. Cybercriminals can easily slip viruses into such software.