Put Content Ahead of Design

Website owners embrace design trends, their competitors’ websites, and what they believe to be modern and current design elements.

In doing so, they lose track of the actual visitor to the website. Too often people choose a website template or blog theme and get carried away by the graphical presentation.

It’s an emotional purchase that replaces the desire to help actual website visitors. 

Before falling in love with a competing website, coveting an off-the-shelf WordPress template, or contacting a graphic designer, you need to think about the goals and objectives of your website or blog.  

You should document your users’ personalities, their individual challenges, your solutions, and the paths you want these visitors to take on your site.  

While graphic design is important, it must happen at the right moment in the project to really allow you to present your website, content and services in the best possible way.

It is best for owners to focus on the main sections and pages of the site.

During the sales process, they should browse their website and research areas that they think could benefit from custom designs.

These will vary depending on the client, industry and target population. 

The process may seem overwhelming, but like everything in life, you have to break it down into pieces and evaluate the big list bit by bit.