The Challenges of Adopting Artificial Intelligence


The growth in Machine Learning (ML) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies has improved cognitive abilities of computer 

AI introduces whole new prospects and horizons for different businesses and IT organizations.  

For user services, AI adoption is still causing confusions to the businesses because 54% customers prefer to communicate more with human customer care representatives.

Challenges in AI Adoption

High Investments

AI adoption assures greatly improves revenue growth, but this also demands high investments. 

Outdated IT infrastructure

Outdated IT infrastructure is a huge challenge to AI adoption for almost 40% of companies.

It is extremely difficult and expensive to integrate old infrastructure with the modern AI packages. 

Lack of Talent

This is indeed a hindrance to AI adoption and it causes a lot of tension in the IT industry. 

A good number of companies comes across a lack of talent as an obstacle to AI adoption.

Modern training styles and equipment should be established to train tech people working in the industry and this too requires investments.