What Are Progressive Web Applications?


Web applications have a wide reach regardless of device or location. 

Platform-specific applications, are rich and reliable. They can be pinned to home screens, and taskbars.

They don’t depend on network connection and they have features like taking pictures and playing songs. 

In terms of features and reach, platform-specific apps have the best features while web apps have the best of reach. So where do Progressive Web Apps come in? 

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are built to deliver enhanced capabilities, reliability, and install-ability while reaching anyone no matter the device or location. 

Progressive Web Apps are web applications that are designed to be capable, reliable, and installable. These three features give them the feel of a platform-specific application. 

Installed Progressive Web Apps do not run on a browser tab but in a stand-alone window.

They’re launchable from the user’s home screen or taskbar and it is possible to search for them on a device.  

At their heart, Progressive Web Apps are just web applications. But with progressive enhancement, new features are enabled in modern browsers.  

Progressive Web Apps give you a unique opportunity to deliver optimal user experience to your users.