Who Needs A dedicated Server?


Dedicated hosting is a case where your website has its own server.  It offers great power and flexibility, but it comes with a high cost.

But if you need all the power you can get, a dedicated server is surely the way to go.

To avoid buying what you don’t need a list of conditions that will warrant a dedicated server has been highlighted below. 

Why would you need a dedicated server?

Dedicated hosting is one of the most powerful hosting plans available.

However, do you really need it? You do need it if the following is true about your company. 

  • Your website is experiencing an increase in traffic 

It is important to get the necessary infrastructure ready before your website experiences a surge you may not be able to handle. 

If your website is growing quickly, a dedicated server is definitely a good idea.

  • Security concerns

Safety is important for all websites, but it is particularly for confidential information processing.

This may include sensitive email, credit card numbers or customer sensitive information.

In dedicated servers, you are totally responsible for the security of your site. In other words, you have control over the privacy of files.

  • You want an optimum page loading time

Your page load time can have a significant impact on almost every aspect of your website.

Slow pages can lead to low engagement metrics and high bounce rates. A dedicated server can help you optimize this aspect of your website as much as possible. 

  • You want control over your server

Another reason you may want to choose a dedicated server over other options is control. Dedicated hosting makes you fully responsible for how you choose to use the server.


If it is difficult for your website to keep up with the increase in traffic, then it may be time to migrate your website to a dedicated server.

Not only can it improve your website performance, it can also improve your page load time and help you optimize security.