Why Business Websites Need a Live Chat


Extra functions on business websites are often overlooked due to a common misconception that they’re costly, overly complicated and will cause extra unnecessary work.

Customers invest a lot of time in getting accustomed to new websites. This time can be saved with customer friendly features, one of which is a live chat.

This will help reduce bounce rate and in turn boost engagement.

Customer Satisfaction

A lot of customers prefer web chat to talking with a stranger over the phone. Another benefit is the ability of customers to multi-task while waiting for answers.

Customers can also think of questions and answers without looking awkward. 
There is no cost on the part of the customer as against huge phone bills, especially international calls.


Your customer service agents can only speak with one person at a time on the phone. But with web chat, it’s possible to have multiple chat windows and agents can look after several customers at once.

This cuts down waiting time. Web chat also allows you to keep your customer service open for longer hours with reduced costs.

Agents can even work from home saving you office overheads.

A safety net for complaints

All web chats are recorded. This leaves a log of any complaints that may arise from a customer.

You can see who said what, and you can see the customer’s data such as name and email address. This is useful for following up with customers.

Getting Started with Live Chat

It’s very easy to integrate a live chat feature on your website. There are simple tools for your team to be able to access and manage the chats.

Very basic training may be needed for support staff and the cost to get the Live Chat set up is very minimal.

There’s no good reason why you shouldn’t make use of Live Chat on your website.