We deliver cutting edge technology solutions. We focus on the agile development of web, mobile and cloud applications. OUR SERVICES We build stable, scalable Web & Mobile Applications We help organizations build and sustain digital innovations. OUR SERVICES


Walex Biz Nigeria Limited is a full-spectrum software solutions company based in Abuja, Nigeria. We deliver solutions as a software development company to both small and large organizations, and help businesses of all types looking to accelerate or evolve their businesses or build custom software. We combine many years of software development, IT enterprise experience, and a culture deeply rooted in quality assurance. We are the engine that evolves businesses through technology.


Application Development

From API, front-end to back-end development, our well-trained and experienced team of developers is always ready to use the right technology to meet business needs.

Digital marketing

Not only can you focus your marketing on specific demographics, you can also schedule the time to send your posts at the right time to optimize conversion rates.

Web Hosting

We can meet various requirements and with any level of traffic. If you are not sure what you need, don’t worry. Our team can advise you based on your business needs.


New attack vectors and security vulnerabilities are discovered everyday. Your organization may have installed firewalls and antivirus solutions to scan for malicious activities from the perimeter to the end point. threats.

Software Development

Our software product development process has been improved based on the experience of the top programmers in our team.

Our Solutions

The Industries We Serve

Having worked with many companies across different industries we have carefully combined our experience and spread our expertise across several sectors.

With great experience in development and design we have tried to dominate our information technology industry. We provide high-end I.T Solutions to businesses all around the world, we understand that each industry has it’s own challenges. Working with an I.T vendor who knows your business inside out will help you leverage technology to improve the services you provide to your customers.

At WalexBiz Nigeria, we do our best to achieve this level of privacy with our clients, which allows us to provide tailored I.T support.

This in-depth industry knowledge and strategic alignment are essential for successful I.T partnerships. It is also one of the many ways we differentiate ourselves from other managed service companies.

FLAGSHIP PRODUCTSOur flagship products customized to meet your unique need

Business Matchmaking Software provides the optimum platform for suppliers and buyers to connect, build strong relationships, and grow together – before and after an event.

Get in front of hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, leading brands and multinationals at the click of a button!

This ground-breaking digital marketing software is power-packed with futuristic features enabling small businesses to get qualified warm leads that can turn to potential clients.

Are you using five or more solutions to create events, find business matches, run analytics, and review attendee feedback?